Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce

Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce

Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

The mission of the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce (GCCC) is to market the products and services of its membership; to promote economic development through local and outside shopping and investment in the Cleveland Area Community; and to provide leadership, ideas and action to enhance the quality of life in the Cleveland Area Community.

What Does the Chamber Do?

This is a question often asked by prospective members. The question should be, "What CAN I do?" The possibilities are endless. Every business has a stake in our community. This stake can be safeguarded by working with others through the Chamber to protect and advance the economy. The Chamber helps ensure the community progresses, which in turn ensures the success of business, along with the entire community. Support of the Chamber reaps rewards for the entire community.

Member support is "plowed back" to yield a multitude of benefits including new industries, increased payrolls, health and safety, transportation, legislation, business protection, and community advancement. Chamber membership and fund raisers provide financial support allowing the Chamber to offer a broad variety of programs beneficial to its membership and the ability to carry out our mission statement.
We believe in the power of our community.

The Cleveland Chamber unifies public spirit and directs it into useful and constructive channels. It helps create and express sound opinions on questions affecting the welfare of Cleveland and the region. We believe in the power of community.

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Why should You Participate?

The Greater Cleveland Chamber strives in the following areas:

  • Compete with others communities for new industries and new payrolls;
  • We are a strong voice to local government on issues affecting local business.
  • Influence overall community values and needs; and
  • Focus on a proactive approach to planning for impending growth.

Your membership helps the Chamber provides you empowerment of a strong voice; education programs to benefit you and your business, resources to better market your business, networking opportunities to meet new friends and business associates and the ability to “give back” to your community.


Once you begin to realize the value the Greater Cleveland Chamber can bring to you, your family and your business, you may be interested in serving on special committees designed to strengthen the Below are just a few of the committees available at the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce:

  • Education Committee
  • Ambassador Committee
  • Special Events Committee
  • Transportation Committee
  • Rock-N-Ride Cleveland Committee
  • Cleveland Outdoor EXPO Committee

Annual Events

  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • New Teacher Goodie Bags for Orientation Luncheon
  • Outdoor Expo
  • MusicFest Cleveland
  • Cleveland Jobs Fair
  • Annual Bowling Tournament
  • Taste of Cleveland Business Expo